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Wellcom;s!! This Opus Concept kinjkinien creat by the kinjki2 bleac fondator in june 2008 is it for publish yur  Avertissing Energie SL .

it’s unkly for that -The Black Box Energie advertissing -
Six Party on the Blog:

1) WhiSp3rLand -PubliSh yur Land for sale – 10L$/1 -

2) WhiSp3r Energie -PubliSh yur black box energie – it’s free and soft-
Photo -commentary of yur night Party – Club interresting Etc..

3) WhiSp3r -Job SL- It’s a Motor for searching a buisness_- free-

4) WhiSp3r -Heart- yu searching a heart – yu’ve a heart for a club- why not ??-
it’s here and free

5) WhiSp3r -bric&broc- Multi idea of publish – freebis-
photo + commentary 1 L$

Par whisp3r le 27 juin, 2008 dans Non classé

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